Ways to get involved in KPMA

Young Physician

APMA young physicians are those podiatrists who graduated from podiatric medical school within the past 10 years. This group includes residents. 

The needs of APMA young physicians are diverse; however, they share the commonality of having graduated within the past decade and are likely still finding their place in podiatry, paying off student loans, exploring leadership opportunities, and possibly seeking mentors in the field

To better serve this group of members, APMA leadership established the Young Physicians’ Program. All APMA members who are within their first 10 years out of school are, by definition, part of the Young Physicians’ Program. The program is steered by the Young Physicians’ Leadership Panel. The Young Physicians’ Program makes available numerous opportunities for new practitioners.

We need one representative to attend the annual meeting

This annual event is designed to help younger practitioners to develop their leadership skills, learn from each other, and explore the future of the profession together in a smaller-group environment. Registration is free, and many states offer financial support for one young physician to travel to the event. Registration generally opens in the summertime and the event is held each October.

CAC-PIAC Representative

We need one person who is willing to travel annually in November to represent KY.

The Carrier Advisory Committee (CAC) and Private Insurance Advisory Committee (PIAC) structure consist of representatives appointed by state podiatric medical associations to assist members in resolving Medicare and private insurance-related concerns. Knowing and utilizing the state's appointed CAC and PIAC representatives, who are practicing podiatric physicians with expertise in dealing with insurance issues, may help in claims appeal, contracting, understanding medical policy, and more.

KPMA Delegates

Kentucky is allowed 2 delegates and one alternate.  You must be able to attend the annual APMA House of Delegates, which typically takes place in March in Washington, DC. (Ches Nava, DPM can give more detailed information) This is a 4-year term. 

The House of Delegates is the legislative and governing body of APMA and is composed of certified delegates and alternates from each component society. The Legislative Conference brings together APMA members and podiatric medical student leaders from across the nation to pound the pavement for the profession through lobbying members of Congress on issues of importance.

2020 House of Delegates has been canceled.


Advisory Council for Medical Assistance (currently filled)

The Advisory Council for Medical Assistance, commonly referred to as the MAC, advises the Department for Medicaid Services regarding health and medical care regarding Medicaid.

The MAC consists of 19 members appointed by the Governor. The membership consists of 1 member from the KY Medical Association; The KY Dental Association; KY Hospital Association, KY Medical Equipment Suppliers Association, KY Pharmacist Association, KY Association of Health Care Facilities, KY Nurses’ Association, State Board of Podiatry; KY Home Health Association; KY Optometric Association; KY Association of Nonprofit Homes and Services for the Aging, Inc. The other 7 members are healthcare advocates and include 3 Medicaid recipients, one representative representing the elderly and 3 representatives from consumer advocacy groups whose membership included low-income persons, children and youth, women, minorities and disabled persons.

Each person shall serve a 4-year term unless someone resigns. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term.  

The Technical Advisory Committees (TAC) were established for the purpose of acting in an advisory capacity to the Advisory Council for Medical Assistance.  Each TAC represents a specific provider type or are individuals representing Medicaid beneficiaries.  The TACs are created by Kentucky Revised Statute 205.590.  Membership for most of the TACs are appointed by the Association being represented.  The KPMA TAC consists of five podiatrists appointed by the Kentucky Podiatric Medical Association.  If you are interested in being on the KPMA TAC, please contact the KPMA. The Department for Medicaid Services does not make appointments to the TACs.


Each member of a committee serves without compensation.  Mileage is reimbursed.


KPMA needs 5 members in order to have a TAC.

All meetings of any TAC must follow the Kentucky Open Records and Kentucky Open Meetings Act statutes.  KRS 61.800 - 884.

State Advocacy Forum

APMA’s Center for Professional Advocacy (CPA) is pleased to announce that 2019 APMA State Advocacy Forum will take place at the Milwaukee Marriott Downtown in Milwaukee on August 16-17, 2019. The State Advocacy Forum is a biennial conference that provides an opportunity for state association leaders and representatives to discuss ongoing state legislative issues. Previously held in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Salt Lake City, the State Advocacy Forum is conducted in a host state that is selected to recognize that state's exceptional accomplishments in state advocacy (e.g., advocacy successes, relationship building). The Wisconsin Podiatric Medical Association was chosen to host from a strong pool of applicants due to its recent legislative successes, including its recent victory allowing DPMs to supervise physicians assistants and nurse practitioners.

The highly anticipated program will feature invited policymakers and health-care provider ally speakers, as well as informative discussions by your podiatric physician colleagues. APMA covers the up to two hotel night costs (not including incidentals) of attendees from each state component, while the state component covers the attendees' transportation costs. More information including information on how to register will be available soon!

KY Podiatric Medical Association Board of Directors

This is a 2-year term.

  1. President
  2. President-Elect
  3. First and Second Vice Presidents
  4. Secretary
  5. Treasurer