About the Board

The Kentucky Board of Podiatry is responsible for regulating the practice and licensure of podiatry in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Board grants initial licensure to qualified podiatrists and oversees the annual renewal of licenses. The Board also investigates complaints against practitioners and is responsible for imposing disciplinary sanctions against those who violate Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 311.380-311.520 and Kentucky Administrative Regulations, Title 201, Chapter 25:011-25:080. The Board promulgates regulations concerning professional and business practice standards, continuing education and licensure requirements.

The Kentucky Board of Podiatry's Frequently Asked Questions provides additional information about the agency.

The Kentucky Board of Podiatry handles ALL aspects of: licensure;  license renewal; approval of continuing education programs and complaints.


You may contact the Board at: or

Kentucky Board of Podiatry
P.O. Box 1360
Frankfort, KY 40602  

Overnight Mail: 500 Mero St, 2SC32, Frankfort, KY40601

Phone: (502) 892-4259
Fax: (502) 564-4818


KY State Board of Podiatry Board Members (licensing board):

Keith W. Myrick, DPM, Louisville, KY
(Term Expires 08/22/2026)

Board Member:
Timothy Ford, DPM, Louisville, KY
(Term Expires 07/22/2027)

Board Member:
Thomas W. Childress, DPM, Louisville, KY
(Term Expires 06/30/2024)

Board Member:
Paul K. Krestik, Lexington, KY
(Term Expires 06/30/2024)

Consumer Advocate:
R. Neil Lively, Louisville 
(Term Expires 06/30/2024)


Board Counsel:

Clayton Patrick

Board Administrator:
Chessica Nation, Department for Professional Licensing

The Board wishes to acknowledge and thank all the podiatrists who have served on the Board of Podiatry in the past.  Here is a list of podiatrists who have served in recent years.

o Matthew G. Enzweiler, DPM 2019 - 2023

o  Will Adams, DPM; 2016-2020

o  Brad Fine, DPM; 2016-2020

o  Ann Farrer, DPM; 2011-2019

o  Patrick Ginney, DPM; 2012-2016

o   Robert Levine, DPM; 2006-2017

o   Vivian Rodes, DPM; 2004-2012

o   Chester A. Nava, Jr., DPM; 2007-2011

o   Charles Tirone, DPM; 2004-2008

o   Peter J. Doll, DPM; 2003-2007 and 2008-2016

o   Stuart A. Naulty, DPM; 1998-2006

o   Paul E. Tipton, DPM; 1988-2004

o   Jess D. Songer, DPM; 1980-1984 and 2000-2004

o   Joseph P. Leone, DPM; 1958-2000

o   Chester A. Nava, Sr., DPM; 1942-1999

o   Shelby T. Powell, DPM; 1986-1994

o   Garry Neltner, DPM; 1976-1980 1995-1998

o   Rupert E. Stivers, DPM; 1970-1995