All Kentucky Doctors of Podiatric Medicine are licensed by the Kentucky Board of Podiatry. The Board of Podiatry is an independent self-funded agency whose purpose is to protect the public by administering and enforcing the statutes and regulations concerning the practice of Podiatry.  It does this by granting licenses to qualified podiatrists so they may practice podiatric medicine in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Some of its other responsibilities include annual license renewal, monitoring continuing medical education requirements, handling complaints against podiatrists, and verifying the status of licenses for hospitals, insurance companies, and credentialing agencies.

The Kentucky Board of Podiatry handles ALL aspects of: licensure;  license renewal; approval of continuing education programs and complaints.


You may contact the Board at:

FAX 270-834-1437

KY State Board of Podiatry Board Members (licensing board):

Ann Farrer, DPM, Lexington, KY
(Term Expires 07/22/2019)

Board Member:
Will Adams, DPM, Paducah, KY
(Term Expires 06/30/2020) 

Board Member:
Brad Fine, DPM, Lexington, KY
(Term Expires 06/30/2020)

Board Member:
Keith Myrick, DPM, Louisville, KY 
(Term Expires 08/22/2018)

Consumer Advocate:
Joe D. Forgy, Morgantown, KY
(Term Expires 06/30/2020)


Board Counsel:
Shan Dutta, Assistant Attorney General, Frankfort, KY

Board Executive Director:,
Beverley White, Board Office, Glasgow, KY

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